Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Summer Reading!

Book Club Report 2015

The year kicked off to a great start for the book club with a great number of regular attendees both student and staff.
Unfortunately due to other commitments and time issues we haven’t had as many meetings as we’ve hoped for, but they still continue weekly in the school library. When the club gets together we have a catch up, a wee something to eat and talk about the latest books we are reading and suggest any books that anyone might like to read, those suggestions go onto the school library blog ( which I encourage students and parents to read.
The book club will continue to run next year and I hope to see new and old faces at the book club meeting in the starting of the school year, but for now have a great holiday and do take advantage of the library reading programme, RED Books.

Book club President,
Bronson Blackbourn 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Book Club 2015

Welcome to Book Club 2015!

Hopefully you have all had a great holiday. Book club is now every second Thursday lunch time in the library.
Book club opened well with some book suggestions such as

Wonder by A.J
It’s a book about a boy who has a disfigurement on his face and is sent to school by his parents and he doesn’t want to go. It’s told by 5 different people

The club then decided on changing the name we had a discussion and have decided to call it 
The Literacy Games District 238 .
We now have made it so you have 2 weeks to find an article or any passage of writing you like and get it photocopied and bring it along to discuss.There will be a prize for the best article.
We are also making a school wide competition to see who can make the best logo- a prize will also be given for this

I hope to see a lot of new faces at book club this year, so see you all there.

Bronson Blackbourn   

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

2015 starts here!

Welcome back all students!  A special welcome to our new Year 7 students
Come in and check out the Library.
The Library is open at Lunchtime, 12.40 - 1.15pm Monday to Friday
It will be open at Interval  Week 2 when new Librarians are signed up!
You can start borrowing books Straight Away!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Welcome back to term 3

Welcome back to Term 3.
I hope your holidays were good in this miserable weather. Please remember to return any over due library books or renew them. Our helpful squad of librarians are here to help anyone who needs a book or anything. If you would like to become a librarian please see Mr Daniels
Bronson Blackbourn

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Author Visit provides Food for Thought

On 21st of May, the Tokomairiro High School Library was visited by New Zealand author FiFi Colston. Fifi has had a varied career,but the over riding theme of her work has been creativity. From an early age she had a love of drawing and she followed this into a career in design, but over the years she has accepted many challenges working as a children's author, a poet, a television presenter, costume designer, wearable art maker . Currently her book on wearable art is  a finalist in the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards.
Fifi spoke to 25 students from Year 7 to 13 and her main message was  to work hard at what you love and take the opportunities life presents you .

Monday, 5 May 2014

Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival
The school has five free tickets available to The Young Adult writers Panel. The panellists are Melinda Szymanik and Sandy McKay  who both published historical novels for young adults in 2013. A Winter’s Day in 1939 is Szymanik’s story of her Polish father’s time in Russian work camps during the Second World War. McKay has also written of the wartime experiences of a family member in When Our Jack Went to War, which takes the form of letters between two brothers, one at war and one at home. 
The writers will talk about their books, the experience of writing them and of the connection young readers today feel when reading stories of the past. 
Students interested in attending please see Mr Daniels or Miss Eames